Our Ingredients

Let’s Save the Earth, One Bottle at a Time!

Our mission is to create uniquely sourced, handcrafted boba tea that people can enjoy.

Our Ingredients

Being in one of America’s greenest cities has inspired us to always keep looking forward. We understand that our craft can have huge effects on the Earth. This is reflected in everything that we do, from where we source our tea and ingredients to how we package our product.

Loose Leaf Tea

Our teas are organic and loose leaf, hailing from Jingmai Mountain in Yunnan, China. It’s one of the largest and oldest tea plantations in the world, home to trees that are over 1000 years old! The locals have been picking tea by hand for generations, and we can really taste the difference.

A good cup of tea goes beyond the quality of the tea leaf. We’ve chosen a specific brewing method to highlight the character of each tea. Hot steeps create a stronger, more astringent bite, while cold brewing allows for a crisper, smoother, and refreshing taste with minimal tannins and less caffeine. 

Want to learn more? Come talk to us, or check out our artisan loose leaf teas brewed by the cup!

Organic Milk

Most shops traditionally use nondairy creamer, which produces a rich, creamy mouth feel. However, it’s made with sugar, oil, and thickeners, which are not good for you. We believed there was a better way to get that rich body without sacrificing our own along the way. 

We sampled the best of the Bay Area’s dairy (and had a few scoops of ice cream on our quest),and found that Clover Stornetta dairy was the perfect pairing to our tea. After discovering that Clover was the first rBST-free dairy on the West Coast to become American Humane Certified,
we were sold. Like us, they’re making a better, greener product, and we’re proud to serve their delicious milk with our tea.

Homemade Syrups, Seasonal Fruit

You’ll never find high fructose corn syrup or factory made syrups in our drinks, only real brown sugar, honey, and homemade simple syrup. As for the fruits? We buy and use only seasonal fruits, offering only the highest quality fruits to complement our tea.

The Bottle

We know it’s cute, but the glass bottle is more than just for looks. Did you know that over 60 million plastic bottles are thrown away in the U.S. everyday? That blew our mind, so we resolved to come up with a better solution, which led to our signature glass bottles. Sure, the
bottles may cost us more, but we’re willing to make the sacrifice in order to make an impact in the fight against plastic waste.

Let’s save the earth, one bottle at a time!