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San Francisco’s Handcrafted, Uniquely Sourced Bubble Tea

Henry Tang always wanted to share his love of handcrafted things with the world. Growing up in China, he witnessed people making everyday items with loving care. High quality ingredients were also cherished — especially when it came to tea.

It’s no wonder that San Francisco, with its artisan shops and foodie culture, held a particular appeal to Henry. When Henry began dating his wife, Yan, one of their favorite pastimes was exploring the various milk tea shops in San Francisco. Yan loved milk tea and would sometimes drink two cups a day!

However, Henry’s first sip of milk tea in San Francisco left him unsatisfied and disappointed. “Is this what people think milk tea tastes like?” He was even more dismayed when he researched the ingredients and learned that most milk tea contained harmful preservatives, artificial ingredients, and synthetic chemicals. He worried that the milk tea that brought his wife so much joy was actually doing her harm.

When Yan became pregnant, the love for his wife and future child inspired Henry to set out on a quest to create a milk tea that would satisfy his wife’s cravings while providing nourishment from healthy ingredients. He looked to educate himself, calling every tea farmer he could find and sourcing the best ingredients possible.

He returned with an armful of samples and set up shop in his kitchen. After many caffeine fueled nights of experimentation and seeking out ingredients from both local sources and afar, he finally crafted the perfect cup of tea. Henry felt like he passed the ultimate test when a smile lit up Yan’s face as she took her first sip of his milk tea creation. Henry’s heart surged with happiness.

Only after many weeks of Yan and Henry happily sipping their homemade milk tea, did Henry finally realize that tea was a handcrafted thing he could share with the world. He felt that people should have a better choice than mass produced tea along with a product that, under the watchful guidance of a dedicated Bubble lover, would always be  improving. With that goal in mind, Plentea opened its doors in the spring of 2014.

Today, Plentea serves over 20 types of Bubble tea, each one handcrafted to order and made from ingredients that are uniquely sourced from the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world. Henry and Yan want to leave a better world for their children, so Plentea serves its milk tea in glass bottles in order to reduce waste. It’s Plentea’s small and sincere way of helping to preserve the Earth for the generations to come.

Only the highest quality ingredients.

A good cup of tea goes beyond the quality of the tea leaf. This is why we seek out the best ingredients from around the world, but also try to use local sources whenever possible.

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